Friday, 21 May 2010

NASA Approve Apricots

Random Apricot Fact: NASA incorporated apricot cubes into the astronaut diet on the Apollo Mission to the moon. As apricots are high in potassium it was believed that they would be essential for healthy heart function and would help in combating stress. Apricots are a well known ‘super food’. In fact 3 raw apricots supply us with 30% of the recommended daily amount of beta carotene. A juicy apricot is deep orange when fully ripe with a hard brown stone. The entire fruit is edible and apparently the kernel (stone) tastes the same as an almond; the kernel contains a small amount of cyanide, so I won’t be trying one anytime soon. Apricot oils are pressed from the apricot kernel and used frequently in the production of cosmetics in place of more expensive almond oils. Apricot oil has many applications; it is brilliant for facial massage, having re-hydrating and revitalising qualities, it can be used to soothe boils and burns and of course it smells divine when melted in an apricot fragranced candle.

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