Friday, 21 May 2010

Hot Buttered Popcorn Scented Candles

My mouth is literally watering at the indulgent aroma of Hot Buttered Popcorn wafting through the house. These Popcorn Fragranced Candles are rich and creamy with wonderful buttery tones – Luckily calories can’t be consumed though your nose or I would be as fat as a pig by now! The shop bought toffee type popcorn is really fatty and high in sugar, but homemade popcorn isn’t too calorie laden (depending what you put on it). If you’ve never made your own popcorn you are missing a treat! Get down to your local supermarket and pick up some corn kernels. You don’t need a popcorn maker or anything fancy – Just a pan and a LID (The lid is very important or you will end up with popcorn all over the kitchen) Heat a large tablespoon of oil in a pan, add the popcorn so it covers the base of the pan and a bit more besides. PUT THE LID ON. Gently shake the pan every few seconds until the popcorn stops popping. Remove from heat. You can eat it as it is or get creative with toppings. If you have a sweet tooth sprinkle with brown sugar and nuts, or drizzle with maple syrup/chocolate sauce/toffee sauce/honey. If you like it savoury then sprinkle with salt, chilli flakes or drizzle with marmite. Happy Eating!

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