Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Nag Champa test burns

Just been doing some test burns for Nag Champa. It reminds me of holidays in India and life before kids, dogs and commitments. If you've never heard of it before Nag Champa is an Indian export popular with hippies in the 60's. It is mainly sold in incense form, but can also be found in soaps and other lotions and potions. Its scent is made of a combination of Sandalwood, Champa Flower (Franipani), Geranium, Tea Rose and Patchouli, giving it a deep earthy hypnotic aroma with light floral over tones.

The orgins of Nag Champa can be traced back to Nepalese Monasteries and indeed the fragrance is frequently associated with relaxation and meditation. According to the principles of Ayurveda (holistic medicine) the Nag Champa blend has a calming effect on those suffering from anxiety and insomia. The monks of Nepal kept their particular blend of Nag Champa a closely guarded secret and the exact ingredients of our Nag Champa fraganced candles also remains a mystery. What we can say is that if you want to invoke the fragrance of India without the ashy mess of an incense stick our Nag Champa candle is the choice for you.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Handmade Flowers

Whilst I could babble on about candles for quite a long time (as my enduring husband well knows), I thought it might be nice to include something else from time to time. Whilst on my quest to recruit new fans for my Poured by Hand Fan site, I came across lots of really unique crafters. One that I love is ffflowers.

She makes beautiful flowers from ribbon and yarns, or from more unusual materials such as recycled plastic bags, or anything else that looks promising! A lovely idea for birthday and mother's day presents.